Rhino Ron likes to ‘charge’

and now he's got a new way to do it

New Fee basis 1

Ron is a Rhino. So, he likes to charge 😉

In fact, he charges rather too much and knows his clients are getting wise to this.

So, he’s decided to step into the 21st century… with a new ‘fixed fee’ basis of charging; here’s how he explains it.

New Fee basis 1

Fee basis 2

Fee basis 3

Fee basis 4

Get great advice – at a fair price

To learn more about the thousands of pounds you ‘might’ be wasting on advice fees:

See this Insight on an Unthinkable way to charge

and this, to work out what those charges add up to over time

But let me be clear… whilst I criticise bad (and expensive) financial advice, I do believe there are plenty of good advisers out there offering solid advice – and charge a fair price.

You just need to know how to find the right adviser for the challenge you’re looking to solve.

Adviser charges and knowledge vary a lot.

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