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Paul Claireaux

Hey there, I’d love to help you master your money but first, here’s what you need to know about me.

I’m an author, educator and consumer champion of the financial world – and my first book, ‘Who Can You Trust About Money?’ was described as “One of the best-written and most engaging books of its kind” by Moira O’Neill (an award-winning journalist and personal finance editor of Investors Chronicle)

You can learn more about me further down this page.

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"Brilliant: I feel empowered to change things now"Naomi, workshop attendee
Hugely engaging & informative seminar. Debunking pension savings & industry myths. Great value & essential insights. Thanx!Rhys Taylor, Barrister, London
"The one sheet money mapping exercise is awesome"Georgina, workshop attendee
"Fabulous, education is the key to financial freedom"Sarah, workshop attendee
"Paul's educational works equip you - to have a more rewarding relationship with your money”George Cooper, Author of Fixing Economics
"A boring subject - brought to life, with stories and cartoons"Phillipa, workshop attendee
"One of the best written and most engaging books of it's kind . . ."Moira O’Neill, PFP editor at the FT
Paul’s research, technical and writing skills were valuable to Money Alive. He shares our passion for simplifying the complex. And he offers Insights beyond the brief - drawing on his industry experience. Ian Beestin. Co-Founder, Money Alive
"Brilliant, liberating, packed with everything you need to know – and entertaining along the way"Sue, Amazon book review
Paul is a great thinking partner on personal finance and behavioural science issues. And he does not sugarcoat the truth, a gift we need need to thrive.Alina Burlacu, PFS, Financial Education Champion, 2023

Earn more money

Earn more money

For your business

From someone proven in marketing and sales

Master your money

Master your money

To make better decisions

And avoid the mistakes that most people make

Plan your money

Plan your money

in 5 simple steps

And map out your own path to financial freedom

About Paul Claireaux (the programme leader)

Hey there, I’m the guy behind this money mastery programmePaul Claireaux

And here’s what you need to know about me

I’m an author, educator and consumer champion of the personal finance world – and I’m on a mission to turn our ideas about money upside down.

I have a diploma in financial planning and worked for 25 years (and enjoyed three successful careers) in sales, marketing and new product development for blue chip investment and pension companies.

In front line sales, I dealt with hundreds of financial advisers over the years – and achieved a consistent top 10 (and sometimes top) sales performance record out of 200 sales people.

After that I was promoted into a National Accounts Manager role – selling at senior level to large IFA firms.

And later, I was invited to move into marketing, to head up Investment Product developments, where I directed multi-site projects employing hundreds of people and took our core products to number 1 in their respective markets.

So, I guess I know what works in sales and marketing – and I know exactly how the financial services industry operates – which means I can show you how to protect yourself from its bad parts – and help you find the best.

My book, ‘Who Can You Trust About Money?’ was described as “One of the best-written and most engaging books of its kind” by Moira O’Neill, award winning journalist and personal finance editor of Investors Chronicle.

I live near Bristol and am a father to three adult boys (Harry, George and Ed) who inspired me to start writing and help others to make better choices about money.

And I hope to meet you at one of my workshops soon 🙂

Will this programme be right for you?

This programme will be perfect for you if:

  • You want to earn more money
  • You want to make better decisions about your money and have more control over it
  • You’re baffled or bored by money matters and want to learn more – without being sold any financial products
  • You’re aged between 25 and 50
  • You have the capacity to save for your future – even if you’re not doing so now
  • Most of the programme will help you wherever you live in the world. And that’s because I focus on the fundamentals about money – the concepts that ‘hold true’ everywhere – and over the long term.

Just be aware that on the rare occasions we mention tax or other regulations, these will be based on UK Law.

What will be included in the programme?

This programme will be based on powerful and proven methods for:

  1. Developing winning business propositions
  2. Selling a ton more of them – with a lot less effort – and 
  3. Making better decisions about the money you have

The programme will be easy and fun to learn (we know this from the testing we’ve done in live workshops)

By the end of this programme, you’ll:

  • Understand the real truths about marketing, sales and investing.
  • Know how to map out your own path to financial freedom in 5 ‘IRATE’ steps – and on a single sheet of paper !
  • Learn to ‘rate’ any investment, that anyone puts to you – before you jump into it!
  • Be able to take control of your money  – and all of your consultants and advisers  – if you use them 🙂

You’ll also learn exactly how to:

  • Avoid the big ‘money mistakes’ – that most people make and
  • Save hundreds (or thousands) of pounds (or dollars) in advice charges over the coming years.

The programme will be delivered by a series of video tutorials with downloadable worksheets for exercises – to help you draw up your plans.

This NEW IRATE Wealth builders Mastery programme will launch with an online course:

How to plan your financial freedom in 5 simple steps

And grow, continually, thereafter, with:

  1. Live workshop events
  2. Online learning events
  3. A library of ‘deep dive’ articles
  4. Additional courses to help you earn more in your business – and make better long term financial plans.
  5. A ‘forum’ for asking questions on any lessons (and to swap ideas with other programme members)

Full details will be made available nearer the launch date.

Register now for:

  1. Updates by e-mail
  2. A massive discount offer when we launch and
  3. A FREE outline of those 5 ‘IRATE’ steps for planning your financial freedom

Can I influence the content of the programme?

Yes, but you’ll need to be quick.

Just register your interest above and then send me a message with any particular issue that you’re keen to see covered.

If it’s right for the programme we’ll add it in.

You can send your requests, comments or questions to me at

Please be sure to register first though  – to be sure of getting a response.

Do you sell financial products?

No, so you can relax about that.

This programme – and all my work – is about education, pure and simple.

My mission is simply to help you earn more money, understand your money and make better decisions about it.

In this programme you’ll learn the fundamental skills you need to:

  • Develop better business propositions
  • Sell more of them
  • Draw up your own financial life plan and review it  – to stay on track for many years to come – long after I’m gone 🙂

You’ll also learn about the natural human behaviours that often lead people into their biggest money mistakes.

I will not advise you to buy sell or otherwise transact investments, or engage in any investment strategies of any kind.

If you want specific recommendations on investments or pensions or other financial products, I strongly recommend that you appoint a regulated financial adviser who will advise you in line with their own terms of business. And I can teach you how to find a good one of those too 🙂

Will there be a money back guarantee?

Hell yes !

My workshops and my personal coaching come with a money back guarantee of satisfaction.

So, I’ll most certainly be offering something similar on this programme.

Details will be made available at launch.