This is the Education your team wants

And will love you for bringing it to them

This is the education

As an employer, you know that financial education is one of the most valuable gifts you can make to your staff.

But what sort of education will they value most?

And who would they want to provide it?

Well, thankfully, you can find the answers to these questions, in some excellent (and regularly updated) research from Nudge Global.

You can access that (just download their playbook) from their website at

You’ll find lots of useful information for employers in there.

What are my ‘takeaways’?

Well, here are just two.

First, employee interest in Pensions and Investing is rising fast.

And interest in pensions alone is now 3rd in their list – up 4 places since last year.

That’s a great sign of increased engagement in this critically important (and traditionally yawn making) area 🙂

(Basic savings is at 1st place, whilst holidays & Travel is still up there but now off the top spot at number 2)

Second, and arguably the most useful Insight (for you as an employer) comes from this question that Nudge ask employees:

“What’s important about the Education provider?”

The answer (and it’s the same each time) is that employees overwhelmingly (85%) want their education to be Independent.

What does Independent mean?

Well, it means being free from both provider and product bias.

So, there you have it.

Your staff want this education – and they know the sort of provider they want it from.

The only thing left for you to do – is to find a supplier.

Now, having told you about Nudge, I would certainly encourage you to explore their smart, online and ‘nudge’ based educational systems.

Also, if you’d like someone to offer ‘live’ group education, that also fits this bill . . .

and you want someone qualified, competent, engaging and entertaining too . . . 

well, I have to warn you – those people are very tricky to find.

But I might have some ideas 😉 and if you’d like to explore those, contact me here

How could I help – in a nutshell?

Well, the first thing I promise is to make this ‘longer term’ money stuff easy and fun to learn.

And if your staff are not fully engaged and enjoying themselves inside the first hour – we can shut down the workshop and I’ll give you your money back.

No quibbles or questions – that’s my guarantee.

What will they learn?

Well I can write you a detailed proposal on that if you contact me.

But the nutshell version is this:

Your staff will learn the two dimensions to planning their money.

First, they’ll learn a process for planning their money – and you can download an outline of that right now when you sign up to my newsletter .

And second they’ll learn how to RATE 😉 any investment that anyone could ever put to them – and before they get caught out and jump into those ‘things’ 🙁

Road to riches

This second process is worth a fortune in terms of the scams it can save people from.

But it also reinforces the wisdom of joining your valuable pension scheme too – and that’s great for employee retention.


And here’s the best part.

Your staff will easily be able to remember BOTH of these processes by the end of the day.

And that’s because I use the same 5 letter acronym for both of them – it’s called IRATE® my registered trademark 🙂

IRATE Cross New

So, there you have it.

But look, that’s quite enough from me. Take a look at what others – who’ve tasted this workshop – have to say about it.

Workshop testimonials

Feel free to reach out for some help in this area, whether it’s for your staff or yourself personally . . .

OR, for your clients – if you offer consultancy to employers and would like to add another ‘quality’ service to your bow.

Nowadays, very few employers don’t offer (or aren’t considering offering) financial education to their staff  – so this is worth knowing about.

And, whilst you think about all that, connect via my Facebook Group – or access my (very) occasional Newsletter.

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