How to stop getting cross about money

by learning to 'get' IRATE

This very short Insight on how to stop getting cross about money is covered, completely in the video above.

Two Universal Processes

These two processes that sit at the heart of my teaching about money can help you throughout your life, and wherever you live in the world.

The first shows you how to plan your money in a way that connects it to what matters most to you. And this money life map is something you can draw out on one sheet of paper.

Money Life Map

The second essential process helps you to RATE any investment, that anyone could *ever* put to you… and before you jump into it.

Road to riches

And if you can just learn these two processes, YOU could take the lead in all your saving and investing challenges whether you use an adviser or not.

These processes are Proven and Powerful… and aligned with the methods used by any competent financial planner.

So, understanding them could help you follow (and check on) any advice you take about money also.

What’s more, these processes are designed to be easy to remember too.

Elephants never forget

Once you’ve learned them, a single word (IRATE) will help you recall them.

So, remember that word, and you’re unlikely to forget them – for the rest of your life.

And that means you’ll always know – and be able to share with your friends and family, these core ideas on:

  1. How to plan your money and
  2. How to choose the right boxes for your savings and investments; the boxes best suited to YOUR particular goals and circumstances.

Right box for your money

And remember, when it comes to planning your money, your needs are completely unique as I explained here.

So, you could say you don’t need to get cross about your money, as long as you learn to ‘get’ IRATE…

Don't get cross, get IRATE

Don’t get CROSS, get IRATE… get it?

Sorry, I know, it’s cheesy humour 😉

Anyway, I hope it’s memorable and inspires you to learn more about money.

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So, follow along, take your money knowledge to new heights… and remember, this is a safe place to learn about money.

Education pure and simple

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