One good thing about Trump

This political type of Insight is rare for me but this issue comes down to human behaviour and I have something to say about that.

Yesterday, Donald Trump took a another big step towards chaos in the USA – and around the world – with his latest ‘executive order’ – on immigration.
This morning, Andrew Marr, on his BBC politics programme, interviewed one person affected.

Nadhim Zahawi is the Iraqi born, British citizen and Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon.

His constituency, as he pointed out has a 96% white electorate.

It was also the home of William Shakespeare !

Zahawi says he is proud to have been welcomed to the UK but is now deeply saddened to hear he’ll be banned from the USA because of his country of birth.

And I can understand why . . .

He has two sons studying at Princeton University in the USA – and is now unable to visit them.

I also have a son studying in the USA (at New York’s Stern Business school) and, as far as I’m aware, despite my French name – I can visit him when I want.

We must hope that this madness will be short lived – and my personal hope is that Trump will manage to unite people in the USA and around the world . . .

. . . against the idea of electing extremist lunatics in the future.

The world has suddenly become a more dangerous place

And for this reason we must remember this advice – from Winston Churchill.

Interestingly, @nadhimzahawi has posted this quote on his Twitter feed.

And Andrew Marr was interested to know (given Theresa May’s recent ‘hand holding’ visit to Trump) who that advice might have been aimed at?

I guess it’s aimed at us all – as is this advice – from Edmund Burke that I’ve posted elsewhere before.

You’ll also find this quote above the entrance to the holocaust exhibition at London’s imperial war museum.

The triumph of evil

It strikes me that US citizens have, in the past, been very respectful of their presidents and certainly more tolerant of their shortcomings than we are of our politicians.

That may have changed now but either way, I think it’s worth learning more about the dangers of ‘blind obedience to authority’ here

And I also think that it’s important to know the facts about who kills who in the USA today.

Trump is NOT interested in the FACTS – he has his own ‘alternative’ set – but I prefer to deal in reality – so look here

And one final thought . . . I wonder if Mr Trump knows that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian?

Or how many other great companies – in the USA – and around the world were started by people fleeing persecution?

That’s all for now

Take care out there


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