Who might be happy about a stockmarket crash?

Grace, Ian and Robert. Paul Claireaux.

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On this page, I answer six questions:

  1. What will your audiences learn from this Insight on ‘Who might be happy about a stock market crash?’ 
  2. How will you decide if this Insight is right for your business?
  3. How evergreen (long-lasting) is this Insight?
  4. Where in the world can you use this Insight?
  5. What assets do you receive when you buy a license to use this Insight?
  6. What’s the cost of this content compared to the cost of creating it in-house?

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1. What will your audiences learn from this series?

This Insight (for investors of all ages) explains this critically important paradox of investing – and why stock market crashes can (simultaneously) be good news for some people and miserable for others!

We know that sounds impossible, but it’s what sometimes happens in the real world, right?

So, among other ideas, in this Insight, we help non-experts to understand that:

  • Our personally experienced rate of return can vary (a lot) from the average annual return on our investment funds over time when we’re contributing regularly to or taking withdrawals from an investment plan.
  • It’s only when investing a lump sum for growth that we should expect our experienced rate of return to be the same as the average annual return on our fund – after charges.
  • Investment funds with the potential for high returns may occasionally fall heavily in price, and those big price fluctuations can seriously affect our experienced investment returns.
  • If an investment fund price rises quickly before levelling out:
    • An income-seeking investor may enjoy a magical return.
    • A regular investor’s returns won’t match the average return on the fund.
  • If an investment fund price crashes early on and later recovers:
    • An income-seeking investor might seriously deplete their funds due to the ‘sequence risk’ problem.
    • The regular investor will be delighted at the boost to their returns – due to extreme pound cost-averaging!

The conclusion is that advice is vital in this area.

2. How might you decide if this Insight is right for your business?

Start by reading the series of insights, which starts here.

Rest assured that preparing the content for your business will only require minor edits.

You apply your preferred term (‘adviser’ or ‘planner’ or ‘coach’, etc.) and your own call to action to the content, and you’re ready to go.

If you want to make significant changes to this content, please contact me to explore that option before you purchase a license.

Minor changes that do not affect any core message should be fine, but please check with me first if you want to change some of the messages. And please be aware that a highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner has checked (and is happy with) this Insight.

Subject to my availability, we may be able to create derivative versions of this content if you feel you need those. Just be aware that such custom-made pieces will cost more than this ‘ready-to-use’ content, and we’d need to agree on how we work together to create them.

3. How evergreen (long-lasting) are these Insights?

Most of the messages in this series are ‘evergreen’ and will not be affected by changes in tax or interest rates, movements in markets or the winds of change in politics or economics.

In the few areas where updates may be required, I’ll amend the Insight and issue the new version free of charge to all license holders.

If you spot any out-of-date information, feel free to notify me, and I’ll update them ASAP.

4. Where in the world can you use these Insights?

This particular series of four insights has been written primarily for financial advisers, planners, and coaches who work with UK-resident clients.

However, the structure and most of the core messages in these Insights are applicable to savers and investors worldwide.

In any event, if you’re a non-UK-based adviser or coach, you may license the content and edit the financial product examples to those relevant in your country.

In the future, I hope to partner with a qualified and experienced US-based financial planner to create a US-ready set of these Insights. If that project interests you, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at hello@paulclaireaux.com

5. What assets do you receive when you purchase a license?

Once you purchase a license to use this content, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to a folder containing:

  • This single consumer-facing educational Insight comprises approximately 2,600 carefully crafted words (equivalent to 5% of a typical non-fiction book!).
  • 11 high-quality and website-optimised images to bring the Insights to life. Images are essential for boosting engagement and where you choose to present this content as a slide deck within or outside your business.

6. What’s the cost of this content versus creating it in-house?

Cost Comparisons. Who minds a crash. Paul ClaireauxIf you have a highly skilled (and financial planning-qualified) writer in-house, they’d need between 16 and 32 hours of intense work to develop ideas like this, research the facts and create these four Insights with all the images and the summary guide.

Yes, it might take less (or more!) time, depending on how many drafts are needed before you’re happy with the result. 

For your information, I typically create 7 to 10 drafts of my Insights before I’m happy with my work. So, content creators (like authors and songwriters) work at different paces.

The pace varies between songs Insights, too. 

Assuming you charge that person’s time at the average adviser rate of £200 per hour (Source: Vouched For), this content set would cost you between £3,200 and £6,400 to create. So, I’ll assume a midpoint estimate of £4,800.

Double those estimates for a £400 hourly rate. Halve them for a rate of £100 per hour.

If you hired a professional writer to create this content, you might save a third of those costs if the writer can create high-quality content faster than your in-house adviser, and their fees are less than those of an adviser – which they generally will be.

My fee today for a lifetime license to use this content (with free updates) is 97% less than the mid-point estimate cost of creating your own content.

This launch offer price equates to just over half an hour of work for an average financial adviser – and is more than 50% off the normal price for this series of Insights.

This ‘giveaway’ offer is only available to a limited number of firms (worldwide) who license this content – and will be withdrawn without notice.

So, if you feel your clients (or their family and friends) would value this series, please grab this lifetime license now.

The price shown is for firms offering financial advice, planning, or coaching and employing less than eight client-facing staff.

If your firm is larger or you offer other financial services, please e-mail to request a price quote for this license at hello@paulclaireaux.com

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