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The best NEW FB group for professional people

Hey there, if you’re looking for truly smarter investment ideas and smarter ideas for your business growth too – join our new IRATE Wealth Builders Business Group.

I think it’ll interest you 🙂

If you strive to achieve more of the bigger goals in your life – for yourself and your loved ones – then this group could be perfect for you.

Goals for life

This group could be for you if you:

Offer high quality wealth building advice and support (at an affordable price) . . .

Or you’re looking for that sort of help.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re employed – or run your own business. 

The ideas we share in this group span both personal and business development.

And we’re starting to build a good range of expertise in the group too.

We don’t waste time in pointless ‘chit chat’ in this group

We’re different to ‘other’ groups out there.

We add value to our group members every day 😉

And we have themes for our posts for each day of the week.

Of course, we can develop these as we go along but this is what they look like now:

Monday is about Idea Masters IRATE

So, to paraphrase Isaac Newton – Mondays here are about helping each other –

See further by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Newton GiantsOn Mondays we share a motivational idea OR recommend (the book or an idea) of a true world leader in a particular field of thought.

In other words an Ideas Master we RATE 🙂

And we keep recommendations to people whose work will both help us with our personal or business growth . . .

. . . and is “evidence based”

In short, you won’t find any ‘voodoo or ‘woo woo’ ideas in here 🙂

No Voodoo or Woowoo

We’ve already made a great start on this.

So, join the group to find out whose ideas we’re finding on Mondays.

Tuesday is about tips and tools IRATE

The idea for Tuesdays is to share a tip or tool that we RATE to help others in their personal or business life goals.

You’ll get some great tips for your business sales and marketing and your personal financial planning on Tuesdays.

So join up for more weekly tips and ideas for achieving more.

Ideas that work 2

Wednesday wisdom

Wednesday offers you a chance to call out for some wisdom – from the other members of the group – to help you with your challenges.

Whatever your question (as long as it relates to a wealth building challenge 😉 )  – then between us, we’ll try to help you with this.

And we’ve also made a good start on this front too.Wednesday Wisdom

Thursday’s focus is thankyous

Thursdays have a thank you focus.

A chance to say thanks to someone in the group who’s been a real diamond – and helped you recently.

Of course, we don’t have to wait for Thursdays to do this 🙂

But having a thank you focus should help us reflect on where we’re getting our help, at least once per week.

Also, if the person who’s helped us most recently is not yet in this group, we might think about inviting them in.

That way, we can all benefit from their expertise and . . .

. . . they can benefit from a potentially  increased flow of enquiries to their business.

Thank You

Fridays are a bit of a trick or treat

Of course there’s no obligation to play – but if you do – then either:

Tell us us what Freebie products or services you offer – to help your clients get to know you . . . or 

Tell us a joke 🙂

Your freebies are the ‘good stuff’ that you offer your prospective clients – to help them get to know about  YOU and your services.

So, for example, I’m currently offering four Freebies to everyone signing up to my (occasional) Newsletter.

And, you can grab these ‘Freebies’ by signing up to my newsletter from this or any other page on this site.

And don’t worry – my newsletters are very infrequent  – most of the hot news hits the Facebook Group first.

Fund and Freebies IRATE

And, finally . . . at the weekends

This is when you can post your blatant promotional ads 😊

As long as your products or services can help members of the group to ‘achieve more’ of what matters to them – in their personal or business lives . . .

. . . then you’re good to go on a ‘blatant ad’ post – and it won’t cost you a penny!

FREE advertising space in a fast growing group – what could be better than that?Weekend Promotion

So, this is what we’ve started here in the NEW IRATE Wealth Builders Group

And if any or all of that sounds interesting – just apply to join.

You’ll find the discussions professional and helpful – and I think this could develop into one of the best Groups there is.

I hope to see you ‘on the inside’

This 10 second video sums up what we’re really all about.

All the best for now


Join the IRATE wealth builders Facebook group here

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