How FREE seminars cost you a fortune

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So let’s talk about the risks that you take – and the value you get – when you attend FREE seminars about investing your money.

We all need some basic education about money. The question is where do we go to find it?

Where can we get genuine, unbiased help and guidance, without paying for it through the nose?

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Well, you might think that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to education. There’s an overwhelming amount of FREE information out there whether you prefer live seminars or you like to learn online.

And when it comes to learning about money and wealth building you may be promised the secrets of the ‘world greatest experts’ . . .

but I guess you know it’s not that easy.

In fact, what many of these ‘experts’ claim to be valuable education is quite often misleading nonsense.

Look – ‘free’ seminars are designed to draw you in to something you pay for. The trouble is, that ‘thing’ is quite often expensive and very risky.

And if you follow the guidance you’ll get from some of these seminars you may even expose your money to more risk than you’ll find in a casino.

Casino Worriesl

Yes, that’s right, more risk than in the Casino.

How do I know this?  Well I attend these free seminars and I take notes on how they mislead you.

So, let’s be clear about risk

There’s no investment asset that can offer you big returns unless you take big risks*

And the so-called ‘trainers’ at these ‘trading’ and ‘property development’ seminars will often play down those risks.

You should not trust what they say.

Their nice glossy website does not qualify them to advise you and

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These highly excitable and over confident salespeople are simply after your money

They have little or no interest in what’s actually best for you.

Now, if you want REAL guidance about money and you want to understand the risks (as well as the benefits!) of investing.

And if you want to learn from someone who’s qualified to help you distinguish the facts from the fantasy. Then come along to one of my workshops.

It’d be great to meet you – and you never know – this might just be one of the best investments you ever make.

All the best for now


* There are smart ways to make big returns on your money without taking risk – if you choose the right ‘wrapper’ for it. Most FREE seminar presenters won’t tell about these ideas because they’re not qualified to talk about them. But I’ll explain all on this site.


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