25 great quotes on science and truth

that we need more now than ever

Here are a few of my favourite quotes on science and truth.

I’d love to know which of these is your favourite – and why.

So please let me know – in the comments below – and tell us what others you like too.

I can certainly add some more to this list.

Lincoln. Quotes on the internet

Aldous Huxley. Facts Ignored

Orwell. If liberty means anything

Shaw. Illusion of communication

Twain. Side of majority. Pause and reflect

Eleanor Roosevelt. Great Minds

Feynman. Religion v Science

Hard to get a man to understand something

Twain. What you know for sure

Voltaire. Certainty is absurd

Churchill Lies and Truth

Niebuhr. Serenity Prayer.

Frankl. Challenged to change ourselves

David Burns. Only person who could make you happy

Disraeli. Never Apologise

Burke. Triumph of Evil

CP Snow. The highly educated

Disraeli 3 kinds of lies

Charles Mackay. Mad in herds

Darwin to kill an error

Babson. Success nor failure final

Newton. Shoulders of Giants

Blake. Defend those who know the truth

Einstein. Careless with the truth

The golden rule. Shaw
I hope you found some inspiration on the value of truth there.

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