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For example, in a recent newsletter there were proven ideas to:

  1. Help parents get teenagers volunteering for housework! Yes, seriously it’s true – just try it and see . . . it worked for us.
  2. Help parents get teenagers studying – to achieve more of their goals.
  3. Help teenagers draw up a solid budget before they go to college.
  4. Help anyone who needs protecting from misleading self improvement ‘gurus’
  5. Help anyone avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong coach.
  6. Reveal why NO newspaper, magazine, blog or book (including my own which is one of the best) 😊 can ever give you a plan for your money. The good news is that you can learn to create your own plan (on a single sheet of paper)in less than a day.

So, if any of that sounds useful, click the picture below for these ideas and more.

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  • A chapter from my book, ‘Who misleads you about money?’
  • An outline of my 5 IRATE steps to financial freedom
  • A copy of that student budget template – which helped all 5 of our children to get on track with their money and
  • A copy of my housework list – which had the magical effects mentioned above.

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Best newsletter

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