Artists versus Scientists

CP Snow

Just a few words . . . in praise of my scientist and engineer friends out there . . .

How often do we stop and think about all the questions that science has helped us with.

The hard sciences (like Physics and Chemistry and engineering) enable us to have safe buildings, bridges, aeroplanes, cars, food and, for the most part, safe mobile phones 😉

What’s more those sciences (and our ability to ‘sell’ new ways of behaving) are our ONLY hope of saving the planet from our destruction.

I’m not banking on any of the religions to come up with solutions to that!

And science even helps us uncover truths about human behaviour.

Although we might prefer to call these truths ‘tendencies’ – as we all know that no human behaviour is entirely predictable.

But did you know that it’s scientists who’ve explored patterns in:

  1. The way Riots begin!
  2. How we communicate over social networks and
  3. How we skip logic to rate things – or buy them – simply because other people like them!

For a deep dive into the science of all this behavioural stuff, read of Duncan Watts book, ‘everything is obvious, once you know the answer’

You’ll find it listed with my other favourite books here

The fact is that most subjects can benefit from a scientific approach to their key questions.

And if you doubt that . . .

Take a look at this Sam Harris talk on Morals

you’ll find it towards the bottom of that Insight.

Scientists have to endure attacks from all sides

From the arrogant (and educated) liberal elite, as described by CP Snow at the top of this page.

AND from ignorant religious fundamentalists too  – from the Middle East to Middle America!

And that’s no easy life for the people who give so much benefit to the world eh?

So let’s all give a big cheer for our scientists and engineers.

And remember the immense value they add to our lives.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Without these people we’d have no planes, trains or automobiles . . . or mobiles.” quote=”Without these people we’d not have planes, trains or automobiles . . . or mobiles.” theme=”style3″]

Or electric lights or central heating or clean water or flushing toilets etc etc etc.

Enough said

Have a great day.


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